Lisa Enterprises currently employs Gerber Technology's Accumark  products.

 Software Versions:  7.6.5

 File Formats Imported:  .zip (as exported from Accumark products)
                                   .mdl (as exported from Lectra products)
                                   .iba, .vet, .alf  (as exported from Lectra)
                                   .ctl, .pce, .mod (as exported from Lectra)
                                   ASTM (exported as .dxf and .rul)
                                   AAMA (exported as .dxf)
                                   HPGL (exported as plot data)

 File Formats Exported:  .zip (as exported from Accumark products)
                                   ASTM (exported as .dxf and .rul)
                                   AAMA (exported as .dxf)
                                   HPGL (exported as plot data)

 Please inquire regarding other formats.
Pattern Room Equipment
  Gerber Accumark and Silhouette
Gerber SP200 hard pattern cutter
Gerber AP700 plotters
Sample Room Equipment
X Button Tacker
Shank Button Tacker
1/4" gauge 12 Needle Chain/Lockstitch 
1/8" gauge 32 Needle Chain/Lockstitch 
1/8"-1/4" gauge 2-Needle Coverstitch
1/8"-1/4" gauge 3-Needle Coverstitch
1/8"-1/4" gauge Coverstitch Binder
5/16" gauge Felling Machine
1/2" gauge Felling Machine
5/16" gauge Flat Seam
1/4" gauge Flat Lock
Blade Shirrer - Mock Safety
Blade Shirrer - True Safety
Perl Stitch
Shell Stitch
Merrow Hem
1/2" gauge 2 Needle Lockstitch
1/4" gauge 2 Needle Lockstitch
3/16" gauge 2 Needle Chain/Lockstitch
3/16" gauge 2 Needle Chainstitch
Single Needle Chainstitch
Single Needle Lockstitch
Single Needle w/2mm edgecutter
Single Needle Binder
Mock Safety
True Safety
Crosscut Slitter
Straightcut Slitter
Strip Cutter
Grommet/Snap Kick Press
Heat Press
Finishing Equipment
42" Utility Buck Press
Topper Press
Dress Forms
Hand Iron/Steam & Vacuum Station
Cutting Room Equipment
S91 GerberCutter
Straight Knife
Round Knife
Fusing Machine
Fabric Inspection Machine
Cutting Table (running yard)

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